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Judgment Enforcement

After the Judgment (i.e. the divorce decree) is entered, sometimes certain post-decree disputes arise. For example, perhaps one parent refuses to permit visitation or to pay support on time. The attorney would file a Petition for Rule to Show Cause why the offending party should not be held in contempt for non-compliance. If there is not a legitimate reason for non-compliance, the offending party may be held in contempt and have to pay some or all of the attorney fees of the innocent party. Sometimes the offending party may even be jailed or have his or her driver's license suspended until such time as compliance with the court order is completed. Thus, the party in contempt holds the keys to his/her own release from jail by simply doing what he or she was supposed to do in the first place.


If you are having difficulty with your former spouse in obtaining compliance with any aspect of the divorce decree, feel free to contact Ruggiero & Associates, P.C. for assistance.

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