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Ruggiero Associates has assisted people with their divorce in less than four (4) weeks start to finish and in other cases it has taken years, including appeals, to conclude a case. The length of your divorce depends on whether there are contested issues. For example, we've divorced multi-millionaires in under 60 days because all issues were quickly agreed to by the parties. Conversely, there are plenty of examples of modest- to even no-asset cases that have taken over a year to resolve because custody or other issues are contested. Custody cases take time because they often involve a mediator, evaluator, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, depositions, witness interviews, discovery, and trial.

There are unfortunately many divorcing couples that do not agree to a proposed resolution of every issue involved in their case and are thus relegated to engage in the discovery process and await the court's trial call before their case is resolved. Ruggiero Associates will guide you in clearly understanding all of your rights and duties so that fair settlement terms may be properly formulated and promptly conveyed in an effort to settle your case in an amicable fashion as soon as possible. Other cases in which an amicable settlement is unrealistic, you'll find our team pleasant, professional, informative, accommodating and result-oriented during what is sometimes an unavoidable litigation process.

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